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A volume will gather a selection of the presentations from the Conference. A scientific committee will choose the texts that best meet the following criteria: closeness to the topic of the Conference, myth criticism approach, scientific methodology, critical and bibliographical apparatus, originality, quality of content and clarity.

Texts can be written in Spanish or English. The deadline to send the texts is the 15th of December.

The contributions must follow the style of the template that is available for download in the following link:

The length of the articles must be 4,000 words of less (title, keywords, abstract, footnotes and bibliography included).

Images should be sent as TIFF files and have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Also, they should be saved in the CMYK mode. Requesting permissions for the inclusion of materials whose copyright is not owned by the author is the author’s responsibility. According to the Spanish “Ley de Propiedad Intelectual” 32.1, authors can include part of media that is already released and is relevant to the analysis portrayed in the article. This means that they do not need permission to include images from films, series, video games, comics or any other media if they respect that rule.

We reserve the right to delete images to respect the intelectual property rights of the country of publication.

Articles must be sent to before the 15th of December.