Roundtable Discussions | Myth and Emotions

Roundtable Discussions | Myth and Emotions


Offer a discussion forum for the exchange of opinions and information on the theme of the Conference, beyond the structure of the other presentations.



  • The roundtable discussions meet up in sessions of 60 minutes each during the Conference and involve 3 participants and 1 moderator.
  • After a brief introduction by the moderator, each participant is allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to give his/her presentation with the help of a static or dynamic projection.
  • At the end of the presentations, a roundtable discussion takes place between the participants and the public.
  • Each roundtable discussion will be recorded on video and uploaded to the website of the Conference and of the Project Acis&Galatea (S2015/HUM-3362).
  • The participation in the roundtable discussions presupposes the approval of the participants to host these contents on the Internet.
  • Unlike the papers, the presentations of the roundtable discussions will not be submitted to the Scientific Committee for the publication of the proceedings of the Conference.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate with the title of his presentation.



  • The registration for this option follows the same model of proposal and selection as the other presentations.
  • Registration Fee: 90€.